Brilliant Senior Corporate Director, Laundry Operations – Caribbean

I’m EXCITED to present a fabulous new opportunity for your review and consideration. Here are the important bits:

  • Role:                                        Senior Corporate Director, Laundry Operations
  • With:                                       A massive hotel and beach resort operation
  • Location:                                Based in Jamaica
  • Travel:                                     Yes!
  • Salary:                                     HANDSOME! Come and ask – TAX FREE
  • Accommodations allowance: $18,000 USD
  • Bonus:                                     Could be up to 25% of annual salary
  • Start date:                               Soon
  • Reporting to:                           Chief Administrative Officer
  • Benefits:                                  Motor car allowance of $8000USD per year, medical, pension, life insurance, vacation.
  • JD:                                           Full JD on application

The Incredible Corporate Director, Laundry Operations Role Overview

  • Covering 20 resorts
  • Managing the 3 central facilities – 2 in Jamaica and 1 in St. Lucia
  • Accountable for: 20 Laundry Managers, Laundry Supervisor, Laundry Shift Leader, Senior Maintenance Technician, Laundry Attendant, Laundry Driver, Laundry Technicians – up to 200 in the operation.
  • Focuses:
    • Develops annual budget, including staffing guide and capital requirements.
    • Participate in design, layout, machinery requirement review for new and refit facilities.
    • Liaises with Resorts to ensure adequate level of circulating stock to meet demand.
    • Prepares and conducts technical training with team members.
    • Conducts performance appraisals.
    • Conducts environmental health and safety (EHS) training.
    • Training of team members in the processing and finishing of linens.
    • Submits monthly reports
    • Monitors workflow, productivity and quality standards daily
    • Ensure bi-yearly evaluations of all laundries
    • Monitors the use of chemicals and ensures that the prescribed formulas are adhered to
    • Reviews and monitors quantity and specifications of chemicals and laundry supplies to be purchased
    • Maintains proper inventory of chemicals needed to operate the department efficiently
    • Ensures laundry facility and equipment are in optimum operating condition
    • Ensures useful life of assets is maximized by enforcing proper operating procedures and avoidance of abuse
    • Ensures that only qualified team members operate equipment
    • Ensures only authorized personnel are permitted in the laundry area
    • Checks off quantities of linen entering and leaving laundry
    • …and more.

YOU The PERFECT Corporate Director, Laundry Operations

  • You will currently be working in a similar huge, mass-volume operation as Director or senior manager overseeing laundry operations of a multi-site operation.
  • You might come from a multi-site-hotel, multi-site-resort, or fleet-cruise-line laundry operations director role.
  • You will be superbly experienced in running huge operations.
  • You will have had international experience and exposure to living and working in the Caribbean will be a plus.
  • Your CV will show the websites of the properties you have worked at – for easy review.
  • Your CV will share the number of sites, hotels, ships you have managed in your previous roles.
  • You will be financially savvy, focussed on attention to detail, a brilliant leader and driven to improve operations and efficiency.

If you think you are the perfect match for this awesome job, please PRESS APPLY and send your professional CV through to me. Thank you.

Please kindly note:

Due to the volume of applications, if you aren’t contacted within 72 hours of your submission, sadly this would infer you have been unsuccessful with your application on this occasion – Sorry. However, please review our company website to check out whether we have any other matching roles, and connect to our company on Linked In to be kept in the loop for the new opportunities – thanks. Good luck with your application!

Sending good wishes to you.

Best wishes, Russ and the Excite Recruitment Team

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