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I am here to add some ‘excitement’ to your daily routine and present a really fabulous opportunity to work internationally amongst an awesome team and company.

Thanks for looking, here are the details to share. Happy reading:

  • Role:               Night Auditor – similar title Financial Controller + assisting guests at the Front Desk at night
  • Contract:         5 months on/ 2 months off
  • Cabin:             Shared with one other
  • Uniform:          Provided
  • Salary:            $2,717.18 per month while onboard
  • Flights:            Provided both ways by the host company free of charge
  • Required:        You to provide – Current police background check; valid US C1/D visa; full 7 x STCW Certificates (see below for the list); new NCLH medical at your expenses; written references.
  • Role Overview:
    • Collects data from the day’s earnings
    • Assists with overnight front desk and complaints
    • Balance, audit, handles all casino $
    • Prepare invoices
    • Work with different currencies and exchange rates
  • Interview process – Resume needs to be approved by the Fleet Chief Purser. Then the recruitment team will interview you.

STCW 95 includes the following certificate requirements:

  1. BST Part 1: Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.2)
  2. BST Part 2: Personal Survival Techniques (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.1)
  3. BST Part 3: Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.4)
  4. BST Part 4: Elementary First Aid (STCW Reg VI/1 para 1 & Sec A-VI/1 para 2.1.3
  5. Crowd Management Training (STCW A-V/2)
  6. Certificate of Proficiency in Security Awareness (STCW Reg VI/6, Para 1 & sec A-VI/6 para 4)
  7. Crisis Management and Human Behaviour (STCW reg V/2, para 6 & Sec A-V/2 para 3)

If this GREAT opportunity is for you, please press APPLY to present your CV for the job. Do remember to ensure your resume has your up to date contact details, website links to where you have been working (for us to click in and see the properties) plus clearly showing your responsibilities and achievements for each job.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Sian Lyon
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